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Wavepalm Bolt




Dual OS


Wavepalm Sport




Single OS




Opt for single OS or choose the dual boot
Switch between Android JellyBean 4.2 or latest and Windows interface

Dual SIM

Quick access on-the-go through 3G network and Wifi. Enjoy the use of two services in one device and make your everyday life more comfortable.

Long Life battery

Worktime / video : 8h. Audio : 10h. On standard by: up to 7 days. The long life battery helps you to be productive longer, stay connected wherever your work takes you.

Quad core CPU

With its Quad core CPU running up to 5.0Ghz and 8GB – 32GB of DDR3 RAM (can be expanded to 32GB with additional SD card), enjoy the unique expression of portability and performance.

Bright 9.7 screen

The large 9.7 multi-touch screen HD with its bright colours provides you the best quality of display for multimedia and entertainment.

Full connectivity

The Bolt and Sport are fully featured for wireless computing and advanced connectivity (USB, HDMI, SD cards, Bluetooth, Wifi, 3G).


The 32GB hard drive provides you enough space for all your apps, media files such as movie or audio and documents. The MicroSD card slot gives additional memory of up to 32GB (SD card not included).


Super-fast Multitasking


Enjoy a smooth multitasking to have your favourite apps on screen at the same time.
Watch videos, browse the web, take notes and more thanks to our powerful processor.

Full Connectivityé
HDMI out – SD Card slot – WiFi – Bluetooth – USB

More than 1 million Apps


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