Wavepalm Appstore
Exclusive access from your Wavepalm tablet for Africa and rest of the world. New bespoke apps to include Education Management portal, Employment apps, and e-medics apps
The Wavepalm App Store offers a variety of applications with automatic updates for Wavepalm tablets Users and selected Apps for other Android users alike.
The education and gaming apps are immediately avalaible from our Appstore.
The store also offers an application development tool for the technological and innovative minded individuals providing the platform needed to showcase such skills on our AppStore.




Mobile TV and VOD
All your multimedia content in one platform
OTT technology is integrated on our tablets, delivering an instant TV on Demand and interactive services. We continue to produceeasy-to-use cutting edge platform and software solution. The platform has been optimised in both the Hardware and Software to give our users an outstanding interactive experience.

An educational revolution
Education Management System
We can meet all your needs in terms of software to support your school, college or university. We have been creating and providing cutting edge EMS (Education Management System) platforms that supports the educational sector
This platform will help you in tracking and managing the student grade cycle from the registration to graduation in any school system. Also available is our carefully designed E-books adapted to every curriculum presented.