Wavepalm tablets



We pride ourselves on the stability, high performance, reliability and affordability of the Wavepalm tablets.


We have carefully designed these handheld tablets to meet the needs of different age groups and status and for different purposes including business and pleasure.


With this in mind four different models were designed as follows: Wavepalm Bolt, Wavepalm Sport, Wavepalm Mini and Wavepalm Junior also know as 6/7inch Wavepalm Mini.



Wavepalm Bolt / Sport

Gadget lovers
Super-fast & multifunctional

Wavepalm Mini

Powerful & portable

Wavepalm Junior

Learning and gaming






Beautiful 9.7-inch display

Wavepalm Bolt and Sport


A 9.7 inch LCD capacitive touch-screen making interaction with your hand held PC effortless and with lastest Adobe Flash® Player 10.1 to support all your viewed content.

The 1080i Full HD Playback on a larger screen promises to intensify your viewing pleasure. Whether you are watching downloaded videos, catching the latest viral sensation on YouTube or live streaming, you will be able to see everything in bright, crystal clear high definition.


  • Presentation
  • Support
  • Contact
  • Agent
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Are you designer or developer ?

Wavepalm is always on the look out for new talents. To get in touch and to show us some of your creative works, please fill out the form in contact page. Wavepalm wants to hear from you!